Wondering why you should enter The British Farming Awards?

Quite often, in-between working on farm and running your own business, entering awards isn’t always your top priority. It may be that you have a small business and have never considered entering before or aren’t sure how to start your entry. This is where the British Farming awards differs. We celebrate businesses no matter what their size! We also know how tricky it can be to allocate time in a busy day to entering the awards, so here are our top 7 reasons why you should enter this year!

Raise your profile and get FREE marketing

The British Farming Awards is part of the same family as Farmers Guardian and is owned by Agribriefing, the worlds leading agribusiness, media and intelligence company. Being part of the awards can generate significant publicity across national and regional press and social media. With the award process running for several months, you’ve got a constant source of traffic to your website and social pages! As a winner, you’ll be included in year-round promotion through the BFA’s themselves, Farmers Guardian in our marketing collateral and case studies for the following year’s campaign.

“We got loads of publicity off the back of the awards. We made a big thing about the award, for a lot of reasons it makes your business look like it’s winning, the staff feel like they’ve been part of the success.”
Jonny and Dulcie Crickmore, Fen Farm Dairy, 2018 Dairy Innovator of the Year winner

Stand out from the crowd

The British Farming Awards are a fantastic way to help your farming business stand out from the crowd. Independently assessed by leading experts within the industry, they provide an unparalleled platform to set yourself apart from the competition. Show how you are making a difference and ensure there is something that makes your customers pick you over another business in your sector.

“The awards is definitely a great way to prove to yourself and others that what it is you are doing is recognised as a good idea, as that is something that doesn’t tend to happen in the agricultural industry.”
Iain and Stephen Birnie, SIB Services, 2018 Machinery and Farm Technology of the Year winner

Network with the best in the industry

If shortlisted, you’ll receive two complimentary tickets to the awards night, held at the NCC Birmingham on Thursday 17th October 2019. You’ll get the rare opportunity to network with the industry’s leading specialists, companies, farmers and other shortlisted entrants, make new connections and extend your reach across the industry, putting yourself in front of people who could boost your business. Tickets sell out within days of going on sale!

“The awards night was lovely, such inspirational speakers, the meal was fantastic and getting to chat to other people from across the country in your industry was such a great opportunity. We met a lot of different people that we are still in touch with and share ideas with today.”
Kathryn Mitchell, The Lambing Shed Farm Shop and Café, 2018 Diversification (large) Innovator of the Year winner

Add credibility to your company or brand

Credibility is often the most important factor for potential suppliers and customers when deciding whether they want to do business with you. As a shortlisted entrant, or even a winner, you’ll be given a logo to add to your marketing collateral, website and any other merchandise or presentations as a third-party endorsement from the British Farming Awards.

Due to the third-party endorsement, past winners have been approached by companies and brands to be part of case studies, tell their story and share their experiences at events and in the media.

“It’s given us endless amounts of pride in the journey we’ve taken and also the journey that our past generations have taken to allow us to do what we are now doing.  It’s rare you get a pat on the back when you run a business, but getting the silver award was certainly that.”
Duncan and Vicki McConchie, Laggan Outdoor & GG’s Yard, 2018 Diversification (large) Innovator of the Year Silver winner

Give your team the feel good factor

Entering the British Farming Awards is an opportunity to publicly give your team the recognition they deserve for the hard work and dedication they’ve brought to your business and make them feel proud that they are part of it. Even if you’re not shortlisted or don’t win on the night, the act of entering will go some way to letting your team know you really value their work, which can be a huge confidence boost.

“It’s a fantastic feeling to have your hard work recognised and it’s so motivational for the team.  Everyone here works so hard to make this business successful and when we win anything it spurs us on to the next level.  It’s such a boost to our confidence, our team and our business.”
Karen and Tom Halton, Chance Hall Farm, 2018 Dairy Innovator of the Year Silver winner

The chance to treat your staff and family

As the night in the agricultural calendar not to be missed, the British Farming Awards night is a great opportunity to network but also reward your staff and family, let your hair down and have a really good night, celebrating your achievements!

“It was a lovely evening out, a lot of farmers work too hard, and we don’t get out that much, it’s really special and different, you’re not going to get that kind of evening often.”
Jonny and Dulcie Crickmore, Fen Farm Dairy, 2018 Dairy Innovator of the Year winner


It’s rare that you get time to take a step back and analyse your business as a whole. What makes you stand out and what have been your greatest achievements? Many of our finalists say that by entering the awards, it gave them a great opportunity to really drill into what they’ve done well, what they can improve on and where the business is going. Whether you stand out from the competition through innovation, growth, customer service or strategic thinking, an award shortlist and feedback from leading experts from our judging panel will be a great indication that you’re moving in the right direction.

“Entering the awards really makes you look at your enterprise. It makes you look at your costs, returns, efficiency and planning for the future. It really opened my eyes up to look in depth in what we’re doing on the farm as a whole and especially with the sheep sector. “
Sam Jones, Brookhouse Farm, 2018 Sheep Innovator of the Year winner