Top tips to enter the British Farming Awards

Writing an award entry can seem a daunting task so just where do you start, and what do you need to include?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to entering, and what not to miss!

Which category will you enter?

Have a look at the categories and choose which of them best suits your business. You can enter more than one category, but you will need to complete an entry form for each one. You can see all 14 categories here.


Decided which category you are entering? Great! The next step is to start your entry by registering your details here. You can log back in at any time after you have registered and regularly save your progress.

Entering is easy

We have made the entry form as straightforward as possible. There are just a few questions and a word limit to stick to. You can also send us pictures and/or videos to back up your entry. All entries are completely free.

We’re looking for innovation!

We know agriculture faces a great number of challenges, and many of them can be addressed by innovation. We are looking for evidence of projects, businesses and people who have found new and better ways of getting things done, improving processes and seeing an issue and rectifying it.

What’s your story?

You can make entering easier by thinking about the story of your business. How did it begin and why? What challenges have you overcome? Where is your business heading? We want to know the background, the thinking, the process, the execution and the results.

It has to have a beginning, a middle and an end, and is probably a tale of something being improved. Ensure you can tell the story simply so that the judges will be able to instantly grasp what you’re trying to put across.

Find your “stand out” achievement

Always be on the look-out for great examples of achievements that you can include and make your entry stand out to the judges. Have you increase profit or customers? Have you found a gap in the market? Focus on what makes your business unique. Analysis, sales, turnover and profit figures speak for themselves and are not subjective.

Back up your story with evidence

All figures and evidence are kept completely confidential and are only shared with our judging panel. Always try to back your story up with numbers where you can.

Follow the questions carefully

Make sure you answer each question clearly, giving all the information you think would be beneficial to gain an overall view of your business.

The entry form is structured to lead on from each question, so as long as you answer each question carefully, the judges will see your story and your highlighted achievements.

Spell it out and keep it simple

Focus on the question with your answer, not just what you want to say. Make sure your entry is clear, easy to understand and gives all the information needed.

Structure your entry. Describe the challenge, the actions and the outcome. Be consistent, logical and tell a story. Creating a narrative can help keep the judges’ attention.

Put yourself in the judges’ shoes

If you were reading your entry as a judge, would you understand the business, what your achievements are and how you got there?

Need a helping hand?

Hopefully the above tips and tricks will help you to feel more prepared to enter. However, if you ever need help choosing the right category to enter, what to include in your entry, writing your entry or just someone from an impartial to give some advice, feel free to contact the team on or call 01772 799423.

And if at first you don’t succeed …

Don’t be put off if you have entered before and did not win. Every year we encourage past entrants to try because a lot can change in a year! The exposure gained from your business being shortlisted or winning could take your enterprise to a whole new level – good luck!