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Tim Carter

Tim Carter Cattle Foot Trimming Services


Sponsored by: Kuhn

AT the heart of the cattle foot trimming community with a strong reputation is Tim Carter, who has dedicated a lot of his time to educating and advancing foot trimming practices in the UK. As well as his business, he volunteers a lot of his time attending conferences and meetings to raise the standards of cattle hoof trimming.

Tim first got into hoof trimming in his youth, when his home farm’s vet decided to start a hoof-trimming business, working with them 13 years. Fast forward to now and Tim has been self-employed for more than 10 years. After travelling to the USA to gain further training at the Dairyland Hoof Care Institute, Tim reflects how the course opened his eyes to what he says was a much more advanced way of hoof trimming than he had seen in the UK, with more evidence-based

Upon his return, Tim integrated elements of what he had learned on this new course onto his clients’ farms and they saw massive progress in reducing prevalence of lameness, introducing more timed trimming relevant to the cow’s stage of lactation. He says: “I have worked out that I have roughly 10 years of foot trimming left in me. For me, it is about getting the next generation of foot trimmers trained up to a recognised standard. “The key thing to keep a great customer relationship for me is regular team meetings. “It is not just about me and what I do on the farm. It is about getting the vet and nutritionist involved to see where we are and how we can progress.”

Tim uses a rollover crush, where the cow is positioned on its side so all four feet can be trimmed effectively and efficiently. “Seeing cows walking pain-free and reducing lameness is what drives me in my business. It is a huge honour to be nominated. I am very grateful for the chance to be put forward for this award.”

Future plans

  • Customers are grouped in particular areas to trim on the same day, reducing the amount of diesel consumed driving from farm to farm
  • Aims to educate and train foot trimmers to a high standard and hopes this will be his legacy in the industry
  • Create a basic first aid course for farmers focusing on lame cows