Thomas Pemberton

Pemberton Dairies, Birks Farm, Lancashire

After running primarily as dairy farm for generations, Pemberton Dairies diversified in to raw milk in 2016 and it marked the start of a digital revolution for Thomas.

After creating a video to show consumers how to use their newly installed raw milk vending machine, interest sparked with the footage receiving over eleven thousand views on Facebook and five hundred on Youtube, all within 2 days.

Thomas has since gained an astounding following.

Witnessing the effect his videos have in building a bridge between farming and the general public, he set about creating more for social media and started a Youtube channel called “Tom Pemberton Farm Life”.

With 25,000 subscribers now on Youtube, Thomas has utilised the traction and attention from his digital presence to boost the profile of the farm and its shop.


He is hugely passionate about championing British agriculture, giving realistic and down-to-earth insights about family life on a farm.

From the popularity of his Youtube content, Thomas has now also started his own clothing line, each embellished with a unique logo, growing his brand presence through alternative revenue streams.

With a view to promote the business even further, Thomas has recently gone in to schools and to family open days with calves and lambs from the farm to teach the younger generations about agriculture.

Alongside the farm shop and dairies, the family still deliver milk to doorsteps, with five milkmen out three or four times per week, plus two commercial rounds out six days per week.

The judges said about Thomas: Tom’s innovative way and passion for telling his farm’s story has allowed him to reach out to a wider audience and become an inspiring advocate for the industry. He has – and is – gaining an interested following across social media as he tells his farming story to the masses. Recognising the potential of digital media, Tom’s enthusiasm for the farming industry is infectious and makes him a stand out character that will continue to appeal for a long time to come.

On winning, Thomas said: “I am so happy my family are here to share this moment with me. Digital innovation is only going to get bigger. I get up to 200 messages a day from boys and girls interested in farming and we, as an industry, have a real chance to promote it to the wider public. Anyone who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is wrong. My father was never interested in social media but now he understands and responds to how it is all changing. These days it is easier to watch than read and farmers have never had such an opportunity to promote the amazing things they do.”