The Fairburn Family

L J Fairburn & Son, Ivy House Farm, Lincolnshire

Established 65 years ago, the Fairburn family business is growing and ongoing. As one of the largest shell egg producers, packers and suppliers in the UK, more than 16 million eggs are sold each week. Owned by Stuart and Judy Fairburn, the business is run by their son and managing director, Daniel Fairburn. Daniel is supported by his wife, Sarah Louise (brand and sales director) and sisters, Caroline Fairburn-Wright (business director) and Sarah Hall (operations director). Fairburn’s house 2.5 million laying hens and have a growing network of farming producers right across the UK. The business produces and packs British lion approved organic, free-range, barn, colony, and speciality eggs.  Feed milling, pullet rearing, egg production, packing and distribution all takes place on-site at Fairburn’s. The finished eggs are packed and delivered direct into retail depots by the business’ growing fleet of branded lorries.


As well as managing and directing the business, the family have a strong grasp of the day to day activity and are firmly involved in every element of the business – from collecting eggs to meeting key retail buyers.  Under the leadership of the third generation, they have gone from supplying one wholesaler to multiple retailers direct. The objective is to produce more food with fewer inputs and less waste, while at the same time improving on farm biodiversity. The combination of new technology and the application of genetic methods give the potential to refine existing stock, providing incremental improvement to the business. Recently this has resulted in the breeding of a unique British hen to meet the demand for speciality eggs, launching a new brand, British Blue Eggs.

On winning the award, The Fairburn Family said: We are so proud to receive this award, not just for ourselves, but for the whole team who work behind the scenes. The awards are a fantastic opportunity for us to shout about what’s great about our industry and we are extremely delighted to be part of them.

The judges said about The Fairburn Family: Although a large scale egg producer, the family are at the centre of this multi-dimensional business. Leading the sector with a host of farm innovations, the Fairburns are hugely creative and passionate, and testament to the determination of family farms across the UK.