KW Feeds

Proud Sponsor of Dairy Farmer of the Year

Our agricultural industry is under increasing pressure to boost productivity whilst lowering emissions. No doubt this is a challenge. It is also a unique opportunity for us in farming to take the lead in building Britain’s sustainable economy.

At KW we want to help you keep your herds healthy and high performing. We offer expert advice through our nutritionists and FAR trained on-farm advisors, alongside unrivalled choice of feed and on-farm technology. The perfect package to help you achieve sustainable performance. That’s why we are a trusted partner to some of Britain’s top-performing farms.

Each year we supply over 1m/t of product to Britain’s ruminant farmers with our range of home-produced feeds from the brewing, distilling and food processing industries, alongside more traditional straights and additives. Our advisors work closely with our raw material buyers and innovation teams to bring our customers some of Britain’s most in-demand, low-emission feeds, including our award-winning soya-alternative NovaPro and C*Traffordgold – an all-year-round moist feed with a palatability and nutrient profile that makes it an ideal complement to any forage.

We also offer Raw Material updates through our podcast, FeedCast. Brought to you by our in-house trading team, it highlights the highs and lows of each market fortnightly.