Kramp is a leading supplier of spare parts and accessories to the agricultural industry. At the heart of our whole operation is one simple objective: to keep farmers farming.

We deliver on that promise daily, thanks not just to 500,000 parts giving us the widest range in the market, but also our next-day delivery across the mainland United Kingdom and a constant commitment to competitive pricing.

Since 1951, Kramp has honoured its promise to farmers by expanding its range and operations exponentially. From a one-man enterprise providing parts to nearby farms, we have become one of the main suppliers of spare parts and accessories across 12 European countries. In the UK alone, we serve a network of 3,500 dealerships, servicing agricultural, OEM, forestry and groundcare customers from Cornwall to Caithness.

Still we remain a family-run business, with the same values and creed as when we started 72 years ago. We exist in the UK to support British farming, champion efficiency and innovation and provide British farmers with all the tools they need to do what they do best: feeding the nation.

As industry leaders, we are honoured to partner with the British Farming Awards to sponsor the Arable Farmer of the Year 2023. This year’s award will recognise not just the eventual winner, but all the men and women who cultivate our beautiful and productive land.

We are proud to be at the service of British agriculture: keeping British farmers farming.