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We are Eternit. We’re here to help

For over 100 years, our innovative roofing solutions have been helping farmers improve animal welfare, boost profits and future proof their businesses for the next generation. With increased focus on improving animal welfare and your farm’s profitability, there’s never been a better time to upgrade or invest in new farm buildings. And we’re here to help whatever your farming focus.

Our roofs are specifically designed for the needs of British farmers and this unique climate. Read more

How can we help?

  • We have specialist knowledge of roof requirements across an extensive range of agricultural buildings, from dairy, beef, pig, poultry and equestrian to grain barns.
  • Our roofs are the only products on the market designed to absorb up to 25% of their weight in moisture, reducing humidity to create a healthier environment for your animals.
  • Engineered to regulate temperature and humidity and reduce noise levels, our roofs offer improved animal comfort, production and profits.
  • Our roofs do not rust or rot, are resistant to fungus, bacteria. Manufactured from fire-resistant materials, our sheets have one of the best fire classifications in the industry.
  • Our technical team has over 60 years of combined farming and building experience and we’ll always help you find the most cost-effective solution for your project.