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Preserving the maximum tonnage and best possible nutrient content into your silage from every acre of forage crop ensiled not only puts you in a better position to feed your livestock, it also helps to make your business more sustainable.

At Volac, we have developed the Cut to Clamp initiative as a best practice blueprint to help with every step of the silage process – from cutting to feeding. For the best control of how well your silage turns out, a proven additive plays an integral role.

Preserving grass silage with the additive Ecosyl has been shown to halve dry matter losses, improve silage digestibility, and improve protein preservation. Even more importantly, independent trials have shown that feeding a range of silages conserved with Ecosyl resulted in an average milk yield improvement of an extra 1.2 litres/cow/day.

For ensiling maize, wholecrop and higher dry matter grass silage, its sister additive Ecocool combines the same beneficial ‘MTD/1’ bacterial strain found in Ecosyl with a second beneficial ‘PJB/1’ bacterial strain, specially selected to keep these silages cool.

Meanwhile for higher dry matter baled silage, DA Ecobale combines ‘MTD/1’ with a second beneficial bacterium plus a feed-approved preservative – to keep bales fresher for longer by improving fermentation and targeting heating, mould growth and waste.