Daisy Vending

Daisy Vending is an award-winning, British manufacturer of high quality milk & milkshake vending machines, bottles and coffee machines. Daisy Vending has been on a mission to make an indelible mark on the dairy industry since 2010. Identifying a gap in the market was the seed from which we’ve grown into a prosperous company, constantly innovating and raising the bar for dairy vending machines developed and built right here in the UK.

We’re no stranger to evolution and growth. From our early days, we’ve branched out to create a diversified range of products, including pasteurisers, ice cream machines, fresh orange juice machines, refrigerated vending machines, and a delightful milkshake range, which at its heart, is a testament to the power of diversification. Our machines blend innovation with efficiency and user-friendliness, an invaluable trio in this ever-evolving marketplace. But the magic doesn’t stop there! We’re excited to announce that we can now remanufacture old milk vending machines into cutting-edge milkshake vending machines. This not only breathes new life into older technology but also offers a cost-effective solution for businesses aiming to stay ahead of the curve.

At Daisy Vending, we truly believe in the power of innovation and the importance of adaptability in today’s market.  Today, more than 300 businesses have prospered with our advanced dairy machines. Together, let’s shape the future of dairy vending.

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