The Pemberton Family

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The Pemberton family sees each member being involved in the operation of the farm business in one way or another.

They are passionate about promoting British agriculture and are continuously striving to improve their dairy farm, not only for the future sustainability of the family business, but for the public they serve through their successful farm shop.

It is the shop that lies at the heart of the business, promoting their own produce and bringing the farm and public together through ventures like raw milk and the milkshake vending machine. ‘

Getting people to understand where their food comes from and educating the public about farming is something the Pemberton family is passionate about, particularly Tom. He logs, and shares his farming weekly activities via his YouTube channel which has huge popularity across the world. His videos not only promote the dairy industry, but also serve as an educational tool for the non-farming community too.

They have also introduced positive environmental changes on farm, implementing a dribble bar on the slurry system, purchasing electric milk floats and investing in solar panels.

They have also done a lot to push local produce that is grown on the farm to then sell in the farm shop. When not possible to source straight off the farm they try to get the produce as local as possible.

The Pemberton’s say they try to maximise profit margins the best they can by cutting out the middle man. They recognise they are a small dairy farm with very limited scope to expand so it is all about making changes and improving the existing infrastructure and overall efficiency of the farm, including most recently installing a new parlour.

Succession has always been something the Pemberton’s have been mindful of giving their son Tom the opportunity to be involved in bank manager’s meetings from a young age, which Tom said he ‘felt very lucky’ to be able to do.