The Lowry Family

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The Lowry family run a small family mixed farm which takes pride in breeding quality Limousin cattle. Their pedigree herd has been generated over the past 25 years by the late Graham Lowry and his wife Barbara. Today the farm is run by Emma, Mark, and their family. Alongside the herd, they run arable and offer a contracting service with the help of their son Billy, who has become a partner in the business. Manby farm has been farmed by the Lowry family for over 100 years and they are extremely passionate about continuing and developing the farm’s legacy through younger family members.

Dealing with the issue of succession was something the family felt was very important to sort out and with the help of The Royal Countryside Fund was able to make happen. They said they value having Billy’s input and his ability to offer different perspectives and views to the family farm business. They said so many small family farms are often reluctant to hand over the farm, but to keep youngsters interested, they said succession is key.

The family have an unwavering belief in protecting small family farms and preserving and nurturing the land for future generations, having had the farm in the family for over a century.

When it comes to helping the industry on its net zero journey the Lowry family are trying to do their bit on their small farm, working alongside nature, not against it. They are aware of how important soil is and the value of looking after their soil structure.

They also believe engaging with the public and highlighting the importance of good quality home grown food is crucial for the future of small family farms. Most weeks the family feature on their local radio station where they inform the public about some of the challenges farmers are facing. The family also offer school visits and open days on the farm to help members of the public learn about and experience rural life, sustainable farming and to connect with nature.

They said getting the public on the side of farming and realising the challenges farmers face is key, as well as putting emphasis on the importance of choosing locally sourced food.