Sam Mosford

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Losing your farm and pedigree milking herd would be enough to take many out of the industry, but Sam Mosford saw this as an opportunity and took on a Cheshire dairy farm and has not looked back.   

“Selling the herd was one of the hardest experience of my life, but the opportunity to work here has been a silver lining to the situation,” he says. 

Sam joined in 2016 and has worked up to become the herd manager, overseeing a small team and transitioning the cows into a new robotic milking system, which now comprises five machines.  

Sam admits the transition to robots were challenging, but over time the cows have adapted well.  

Alongside these runs an automatic feeding system, two slurry vacums and an automatic calf feeder.  

He adds: “We are always looking to improve efficacy and we want to use technology where we can to make the herd better in every aspect.” 

His natural stockmanship has shone through and increased the cow’s milk production by 4,000 litres. He has improved various aspects of the herd health, including their fertility rate by 10 per cent in only two years working closely with their local vet.   

“I like to work closely with our vet. Animal health is at the front of our herd and I see opportunities in team work to discuss issues that we may have and work them out to improve,” he says.  

Sam’s passion for pedigree cattle is clear, and he has led the herd to win numerous awards through the local and national Holstein clubs, while building up the herd reputation hosting events.  

Sam believes that work-life balance is important to the employees he manages, and he organises staff to benefit both workman and the cows.  

 Fact box

  • Sam moved to the farm seven years ago
  • He has a passion for pedigree Holsteins
  • He has grown a relationship with Holstein UK hosting regional events
  • Herd health is at the forefront on the herd