Patrick Morris-Eyton

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Animal health and welfare, efficiency and sustainability are at the heart of Beckside Farm, run by Patrick Morris-Eyton.

Keen to take over the management of the business from his father, he spearheaded a development project which has created an optimum environment for the cows to fulfil their potential.

Key to this have been the investment in new housing and installing a 54-point rotary parlour, while increasing numbers from 240 to 420 followers. The move prompted new protocols, a reinforced team, including expert
external consultants, and the capability to move to three times-a-day milking yields has led to increased milk yields, better efficiencies and a huge improvement in herd health and performance.

Patrick’s focus on cow health, welfare and performance has led to an uplift in yield.

Average production per cow per year is now 11,800 litres at 4.4 per cent butterfat and 3.4 per cent protein.

Alongside this, there have been significant improvements in pregnancy rates, which have increased from 20 per cent to 31 per cent.

Mastitis cases have reduced from 30 per 100 to eight, and a 50 per cent reduction in cases requiring antibiotics thanks to the installation of in-parlour technology.

Patrick says: “The relationship we have with our specialist dairy vet is key to the herd’s health performance and therefore both its efficiency and environmental impact. Through our vet, we have an in-depth herd health
plan with a protocol in place for every potential health issue. Each member of staff also has access to this information to ensure consistency of any treatment.”

The herd is predominantly pedigree Holstein, although Patrick has introduced some cross-breeding following the ProCROSS system to improve longevity and feed efficiency.

The top 20 per cent of the herd is put to pedigree Holstein, mid 40 per cent to Montbeliarde and the bottom 20 per cent to Aberdeen-Angus. Any HolsteinMontbeliarde cross heifers in the herd are put to Swedish Red or Angus.

As an Arla supplier, Patrick has been involved with its Climate Check for the past three years, improving efficiency and productivity on-farm, utilising resources and reducing waste across the business.

He is also a district chair and member of his local business benchmarking group, AHDB What Works committee, and the Kite group ‘Milk Tank’. Benchmarking and learning from others has been key to business growth.

On the night Patrick said

“We try to do the best we can on our farm and it is absolutely amazing for our team to be recognised. The agricultural industry needs to keep moving forwards. We are proud to be farming in a nature friendly way and have green energy as a resource to fuel us going forwards. Tonight has been very special and one we will not forget.”

What the Judges said

Has a great overview of the industry and developing of a sustainable business on the back of this. Open-minded to future opportunities. Showed great drive, enthusiasm and ambition.