Nicholson Family

The winner of this year’s Farmers Guardian’s Flying the Flag for British Agriculture is the Nicholson family from Cannon Hall Farm. The formidable team welcome more than 1million visitors across its multifunctional site comprising a working farm, adventure playgrounds, farm shop and three restaurants.

Their commitment to educating consumers about where their food comes from and the role of British farmers is exemplary with their daily, live broadcasts about looking after animals and connecting people with nature earning them a Point of Light award.

On winning, the Nicholson family said

“It feels wonderful to have received this award knowing we are supported from fellow farmers. We are farmers at the heart of all this and it means a lot and we believe that this is the most rewarding occupation you can do which encompasses such enjoyment and variety.

“We work as a family which in itself is so rewarding. Of course we disagree but without drama.”

“To see farming unsupported breaks our hearts. We just want the public to get behind British agriculture particularly as the smaller farms are disappearing.”

“It is lovely to be spreading our message which is being picked up from around the world. Modern technology gives so many opportunities and, especially when lockdown happened, it gave us a very special and unique point of difference, streaming to millions around the world about what we were doing on the farm.