Naomi Ramsay

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Naomi Ramsay has overcome many challenges to get where she is today, and she hopes this is an example to others in terms of what can be achieved when you focus on your passion.

During lockdown, after years of questioning her own abilities due to her dyslexia diagnosis, she finally decided to pursue her dream of working outdoors with livestock and applied for college – even though she had been accepted numerous times before.

Hard work and support have enabled her to thrive despite her dyslexia, and since attending Scotland’s Rural College, Naomi has gone from strength to strength. Originally, she set out to study a one-year HNC, but she decided to continue and has now completed her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. To further her education, she will continue into a fourth year Honours programme.

Outside of academic life, she became a Lantra Industry Champ a summer placement with SAC consultancy, where she shadowed senior consultants and got involved with a wide range of tasks.

Naomi has also reared her own lambs for consumption; something she is proud of given her nonfarming background. Community building is something she is also hoping to take forward – the idea of setting up groups of farmers to enable conversation is something she has taken away from going out beating on local estate shoots.

Education and public awareness are things Naomi is also keen to push, identifying public perception as one of the key issues facing the farming sector.

In the future, Naomi has found an interest in some key industry areas: agronomy, the environment and sustainable farming practices.

Jobs that focus on climate change and carbon capture, ecology, biodiversity, and conservation efforts are her goal once her studies have come to an end.

On winning, Naomi said

“It hasn’t actually sunk in that I have won the Agricultural Student of the Year. Agricultural students are vital in encouraging younger people to come into the industry.

“The British Farming Awards are the Oscars within the farming community and the energy and vibe here tonight is amazing. I am so proud to be part of farming and even more proud we are part of an industry producing food for the nation. We have to carry on and we need young people to be part of that.”

What the Judges said

We were inspired by her journey and route into agriculture, all while clearly overcoming multiple barriers. The finalist demonstrated both determination and a love for finding her own niche in the industry. It was refreshing to see Naomi explore different avenues within agriculture and use this to develop where she would like to go next. She is also proof that no matter your circumstance of background, you can achieve anything. She is a fantastic representative of the industry and all that is bright and positive about the future of agriculture.