Melanie Jackson

2022 Farm Worker of the Year

Horn Hill Farm,
Clive Soanes Broilers,
East Yorkshire

MELANIE Jackson’s drive to continually improve bird welfare has been instrumental to her success as poultry and farm supervisor at Clive Soanes Broilers (CSB). With 30-plus years of experience in the broiler sector, Melanie, 52, joined CSB in spring 2021 after having passed The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health qualification.

Her eye for stock means she can spot the smallest difference between birds on a daily basis. “My motivation to gain knowledge as well as pass this on is key for the welfare of the birds and farmers’ understanding of their everyday role.” Another strength is Melanie’s ability to challenge farm managers, with her no-nonsense attitude ‘well received’ by the team. She says: “My management style is assertive but a team player, making sure that what is asked is achievable, so I do every job to see what impact the job has on the farmers’ everyday duties. “I enjoy working for CBS because every day is a learning day and I get to work with animals, which is my biggest passion. “The birds cannot speak for themselves, so making their life a happy one is essential.

“In five years’ time, I see myself in the same role, striving to make improvements and a difference to the farmers and birds.”

About Melanie Jackson

  • 30-plus years in the broiler industry
  • Poultry and farms supervisor, overseeing six farm managers
  • Self-motivated to improve her own knowledge and understanding, as
    well as others
  • Drive to continually improve bird welfare key to her success

What the judges said:

“Melanie is a great example of a farm worker who goes above and beyond for the welfare of the birds, making their health and happiness, as well as the people she manages, her top priority.
“From working on the factory floor to poultry and farms supervisor, she has had two successful careers within the business and built up many transferable CPD skills, which are a credit to her.”

On winning, Melanie said:

“It hasn’t sunk in but I am absolutely delighted for myself and the team I work with. To be recognised by my boss, what else could you ask for. “