Matt Slack

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As a farmer and butcher, Matt Slack knows that British meat is the best in the world so that gives him a running start when he promotes the industry on social media, and he does that with quite remarkable results.

Since he embarked on his social media campaign in 2020 he has notched up more than 100,000 followers, a number that grows daily, and achieved over 50 million views.

Matt farms 90 acres in Doncaster, diversifying into butchery after foot-and-mouth forced changes to the business.

His on-farm slaughterhouse, one of very few small independent abattoirs remaining, also provides an important service for other farmers and local farm shops.

On social media he had set out with an ambition to educate people, in particular the younger generation, about where their food originates from and why they should be backing British farmers.

Matt believes there is a ‘lost’ generation of shoppers, those who only buy their meat from supermarkets for convenience.

He wants to show them how easy it is to support local businesses instead.

“My posts have become very popular, especially with the younger generation who had believed that their meat came out of a packet from a supermarket,’’ says Matt, who was an ambassador for this year’s #FARM24 run by Farmers Guardian.

On TikTok, he goes by the name of slackys1 and posts on Facebook as E V Slack and Sons; he is also a prolific user of YouTube and Instagram.

“It’s helping me get the message out there that British meat is the best in the world, which is something as farmers we should be proud of,’’ says Matt, who believes transparency has been key.

“I believe I’ve amassed quite a following very quickly because I’ve unlocked the doors and taken the chains off, I’ve made myself as transparent as possible.’’

“I try to get the message across to people that British agriculture and livestock are the best in the world, something to be proud of.’’

He acknowledges it is not all down to him – he is grateful of the support of his sister, Claire, and other family members.

“It’s a family effort, I couldn’t do the videoing without them,’’ he admits.

It could well lead to other opportunities as Matt’s posts have caught the attention of some well know chefs.

“They have been getting in touch to ask me to work with them.’’

What the Judges said

Very clear passion for helping to change the perception and eduction of the younger consumers on Tik Tok by showing them where their food comes from. Additional content through Instagram and Facebook as well as in-person farm trips with schools and after dinner speaker opportunities. It is very clear his activities are making an impact on consumers.