Jason and Amelia Greenway

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Jason and Amelia are first-generation farmers from Dorset without any previous agricultural education or family business behind them. They are beginners to farming but with big hearts and motivation to see out their vision.

They agreed a farm tenancy with a National Trust landlord to give them the security and space they needed on 40.5 hectares (100 acres) of land. The land was previously used for intensive dairy farming and was left to rewild for a few years.

Their farm is certified organic and regenerative farming is at the heart of their business ethos, where they manage a range of Highland cattle and Mangalitza pigs.

The Mangalitzas graze on organic wetland, while the cattle graze the local forest in winter, reducing feed input and improving the rare pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly population among other floral and native species.

They deliver sustainable meat boxes from the farm, which are sold direct to the consumer through a local butcher who delivers nationwide with ecofriendly controlled packaging.

Jason and Amelia work alongside the National Trust to help achieve its conservation goals on the estate by extensively grazing livestock on low stocking numbers. They have turned their inexperience and youth – Jason, 27, and Amelia, 23 – into an asset.

“What we have brought to the agricultural sector is our youth, but I believe this is our best strength, because we have been more willing to take risks others would not in order to fulfil our dream,” says Amelia.

“We have taken a risk in investing in two breeds we have never worked with before to make a real go at our business.

“We have taken risks and stayed open-minded to new ideas on how we can farm better to help improve biodiversity and our animals’ welfare.

“To get our business up and running, I have held down two part-time jobs and Jason has held down one full-time job, which has provided us with enough money to invest in our business.

“With a lack of support behind us, we have turned disappointment into our motivation to prove to people we can beat the odds and make a success as first-generation farmers.”

In the future, Jason and Amelia have numerous projects in mind, including starting a wild camping business, a forest school and a base to host educational visits.