Holly Atkinson

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Holly Atkinson started her career in agriculture as a farm vet, despite not coming from a farming background. However, a change in career path has still allowed her to apply her previous skills in her day-to-day work.  

Holly is now based on a seven-site organic dairy unit in South Devon, working as part of a large team and helping manage the youngstock with the farm manager and farm owner.   

Together with the team, Holly has anticipated various changes on the farm which have raised herd health and promoted efficiency.   

“When I joined the team, we set out protocols that would benefit the whole team and be functional on farm,” she says.  

“We targeted calf health and have dramatically reduced the cases of pneumonia that have been seen on farm.” 

Despite farming on a large scale, Holly explains they have made gradual changes to the system to ensure that they are financially viable and effective.  

Steering the ship, Holly says: “I share a vision with team members to push forward the farm so it can be the best version of itself. We are always looking forward.” 

Mental health  

Holly does not only have the welfare of animals in mind, she has also trained as a mental health first aider to promote mental health with her colleagues. But this has not stopped at the farmyard, carrying on her work on social media through her page where she shares her drawings, all while being a mum of two.  

“I think mental wellbeing is just as important as physical. With my ‘Face Your Thoughts’ work, I want to help people form relationships, and support their mental health.  

“The incitive is used both on the farm and in the wider community and I hope it will also enable people to help others,” she adds. 


  • Holly is a fully qualified vet
  • She has a long-term vision for her career in farming
  • Juggling her work, Holly is also a working mum
  • CupsOnCows and face_your_thoughts, her social media accounts promote her work as a mental health first aider 

What the Judges said

Goes above and beyond, implemented change and followed through with it. Influential and inspiring, on and off farm. Looks at health and well being whilst being commercially viable. Leading the way for change. ‘Superwoman’