Damian Barson

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The old adage ‘it is never too late to live your dream’ applies to Damian, who started farming at the age of 50.

He had always been pulled by the lure of the countryside but simultaneously lived life in the rat race of sales, finance and marketing for many years.

He never thought a career in farming was obtainable but, having started with nothing, Damian was lucky to take an opportunity which presented itself as a 26-hectare (64- acre) farm in Warton, Lancashire.

Steep learning curves were ahead in renovating new electric, security and a building to house his farming machinery.

Welcoming Saddleback pigs, Boer goats and a flock of English mules and Swaledales was the biggest challenge for Damian.

He has now moved into a new farm, more than 40 hectares (100 acres) near Pateley Bridge, which he will solely manage.

Social media has allowed Damian to connect with the world and to document his farming aspirations to a wide audience of followers interested in watching his adventures.

You may recognise Damian’s name for breaking a world record when he purchased a sheepdog, now called Skye, for £7,600 at an auction.

Now a first-generation farmer, he aims to use various types of livestock to manage the pasture, minimise the use of fertilisers and rotate animals to cultivate the land.

Embracing technology and software to improve his flock management has let Damian shine in an industry of change and innovation.

Damian says: “Every day there are unexpected costs on the farm which can push your mental state to the limits.

“Farming is not easy, and I want to help more people in the sector who suffer with poor mental health in farming, hence proactively working with charities such as Yellow Wellies.

“This is something I would like to bring to my new farm with talks and events. Every day is a school day; I am learning on the job, but through an amazing farming community I have so much help and advice.

“I am so excited to see what the years ahead in my farming journey have to offer, and also what I can offer to aspiring farmers of any age, gender and culture.”