Adam and Lucy Johnstone

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Adam and Lucy run a low-input, regenerative dairy system on their farm with a mix of more than 200 Jersey cows. Their farm is a 50-50 effort of collaboration, learning and a desire to fulfil a dream lifestyle.

Prior to their farming journey, Adam and Lucy had grown up in the countryside but without farming in their blood.

Before joining the Royal Marines, Adam studied agriculture at Harper Adams University, which would prove vital down the line.

He was in the Royal Marines for five years but had to be medically discharged, which led to a below-knee amputation.

After meeting three years ago, Adam and Lucy wanted to embrace their love of the countryside and agriculture by working on a farm.

ejection and disappointment marked their struggles to get on the farming tenancy ladder, with landowners rejecting the couple due to their inexperience and lack of family connections. But Lucy’s desire to take on a job milking was enough credibility
for one farmer to give them a chance at Lyde Green Farm.

Having an 18-month toddler along the way has provided its own challenges, but it has not stopped them from achieving their goals.

They have had to start from scratch, buying 220 cows, a raw milk vending machine, a tractor, loader and scraper.

Demonstrating patience, determination and will to succeed, Adam and Lucy have worked tirelessly to make their business run efficiently and effectively. The couple say they have had to play to their strengths to make the farm a family for them.

Lucy says: “We have also had some steep learning curves without having experience, as we have had to rely a lot on our support networks such as our consultant and vet.

“We had the vet out for everything as we were unsure what to treat and how to treat them. It was very costly – sometimes we lost a cow because we did not pick up on something quick enough.

“We have both made it our mission to look and learn everything we can.

“As new parents, trying to run a business and raise a little boy on very little sleep, trying to learn everything we can, do everything ourselves and save money – it has been difficult.

“This really put our family and personal resilience to the test, but getting through it all has deepened our family bond and made us stronger.”

What the Judges said

Hard working, faced a lot of challenges. Passionate and forward thinking.