Matthew Rollason

Harper Adams University

Coming from a non-farming background, Matthew has always wanted to work in agriculture.

Having worked on a range of livestock farms in the North West of England, he has developed a passion for pedigree cattle breeding and the importance of animal genetics, performance and efficiency.

Following a successful 12-month placement with Cogent Breeding, he was then recognised for his achievements in personal development during his time there and has recently graduated with a BSc (Hons) in agriculture.

During his time at university he has been a student ambassador, he has previously arranged student tours around Grovsvenor Farms 1,600-cow dairy unit.

Matthew is selected to attend the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth in Canada this November to exchange ideas and promote greater collaboration with people from across the Commonwealth. In the spring of 2019, he will return to Harper to share his travel experiences by hosting his own Forum talk.


A keen showman, he has exhibited Hereford and Angus cattle for leading herds across the UK and is an active member of the North of England Hereford Breeders Association.

In 2016 he organised their youth programme and last summer Matthew spent three months in Australia working on the Mawarra Hereford stud where he had the chance to export some superior genetics back to the UK.

Matthew referred this back to his contacts at Cogent and, after close liaison with the Signature Beef team, secured a substantial semen deal from a Mawarra Mustang sire and is awaiting the impact of his genetic selection could have on the Hereford breed.

The same year he won a travel bursary to attend the World Hereford Conference in Uruguay and has represented the young breeders at regional and national level, organising the 2017 Hereford Youth Weekend which welcomed more than 100 members.

After winning a scholarship to work at Kelly Bronze from the company and the British Poultry Council, Matthew has joined the business as a graduate this summer.