Leona Kane

Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil, Broglasco Farm, Northern Ireland

BROIGHTER Gold was created by accident one evening, when Leona forgot to buy olive oil and her husband Richard brought some unfiltered rapeseed oil he had pressed to cook steak in for dinner.

She discovered the oil was lighter and smelled better than olive oil. The farm was one of the first legal biodiesel producers in Northern Ireland and, after researching the health benefits of rapeseed oil, Leona launched Broighter Gold.

The oil was named after a large gold collection called the Broighter Hoard found in the farm’s fields in 1896, which is now kept at the National Museum in Dublin.

The brand has utilised the story of the history of the farm as well utilising the raw materials being produced on the farm to expand into rapeseed oil to make the product standout from other rapeseed oils on the market.

They also grow one variety of seed on one type of soil to ensure the oils were milder and different from their competitors.

Broighter Gold has also benefitted from an increasing demand from consumers to know where their food comes from, showcasing the story and the farm to plate story behind the brand on their social media platforms.

The product was now in stores including some Sainsburys in Northern Ireland and supplied restaurants, hotels, butchers and delis as well as in 3 airports.

There was also lots of opportunity for expansion into the rest of the UK and in the Republic of Ireland, with a range launching in Liberty of London and the potential for exports.

Leona was now looking into other opportunities for diversification, utilising the trusted brand they have built, such as creating a small batch flour from the wheat they also grow on the farm.