We asked this year’s judging panels what they’ll be looking for in their perfect entry when they judge the categories in August this year.

Not started your entry yet? There’s still time, enter now.

Why should people get excited about the British Farming Awards?

“It give the industry a chance to showcase some of the best farms out there and a chance to bring people together for celebration, a night off and a good old catch up.”

“Events such as the BFA help to raise the profile of some of the best farming businesses in the UK with the General Public and serve to ‘showcase’ the very best of UK agriculture and the positive contribution it has to play in two of the largest social issues currently impacting on us all.”

Many of the awards celebrate innovation, why is this important to the development of agriculture?

“It will inspire and motivate others, setting an example to follow for others in the industry.”

“The act of accepting the challenge of a new idea opens up the potential to look for other innovations. Agricultural innovation is a global phenomenon which when harnessed properly enables a small number of innovators to influence an entire industry for the benefit of all consumers.”

How can entering the British Farming Awards help your business, yourself, and your staff grow?

“Getting shortlisted for an award can be great PR for a farming business. It’s also recognition for the efforts of you and your team, giving you greater confidence in what you are doing and potentially opening up new business opportunities by widening your networks and visibility.”

“Gaining greater confidence in yourself and your abilities and understanding the way you can develop your farming business further is so essential to drive personal and business resilience. Peer to peer learning is one of the great benefits when you look outside your business.”

What will you be looking for when reviewing the entries for the British Farming Awards? What would make an entry stand out to you?

“The biggest challenge is undoubtedly feeding the growing global population profitably and sustainably. Playing our part in addressing climate change and biodiversity loss challenges, for which the industry can provide solutions for the benefit of humanity.”

“Farmers can truly be the sustainability champions we all need, reversing nature decline and lowering climate impact while producing nutritious, great tasting British food. I’ll be looking for farmers who demonstrate excellence in every sense of the ‘sustainability’ word, from environmental to economic sustainability, with the farmed landscape, it’s crops, livestock and people at the heart of what they do.”

“I will be looking for farmers who are open minded, are integrating the environment into their business, are planning ahead to ensure they have a resilient business that meets their own values and success criteria whilst sharing their knowledge for the benefit of the wider industry.”