Emma Gray & Ewan Irvine

Ewan and Emma farm 680 acres on the stunning Isle of Bute in Scotland. Our story began in Northumberland when Emma won the tenancy for Fallowlees farm at the age of 23. Fallowlees was notable for its remote location and lack of any facilities! Emma met Ewan, a firefighter, four years later and they married in 2018, their son Len joined them in 2019.

Together we were successful in securing the tenancy of Ardros farms on the Isle of Bute in 2021. We farm organically, rearing and selling quality scotch lamb and beef in an environmentally sustainable way.

Our passion is training sheepdogs, both for sale and for competition. We have been lucky enough to have broken two world records for dogs we have sold. We have diversified to provide guidance for fellow herders with our award winning Sheepdog School and continue to innovate digitally with a sheepdog app now providing lessons in your pocket.

Emma has two published books “One girl and her dogs” and “My Farming Life” and we have been contributors in series 4 and 5 of the BBC’s this farming life.