Emily Mee

Emily Mee is Business Development Manager at Mee Farmers, an arable and blueberry farm, who won Family Farming Business of the Year Award 2022. Emily is a chartered accountant, previously working in financial audit in London with PwC, before moving to Ellacotts agricultural accounts team in Kettering. In 2020, the first Covid lockdown, Emily was working from home during the blueberry harvest and could see all the ripe blueberries  that were being graded out and sent away as pig feed. With a view to reducing food waste, Emily suggested this fruit was frozen and sold locally through social media advertising, sharing the health benefits of this superfruit with the local community. Over time this has progressed to a full range of food and drink products under the brand Mee Blueberries and Emily is now working at home full time.

Mee Farmers are an arable farm based in Nassington, Northamptonshire, who farm 490ha including their contract farms, store 8,000t grain for Frontier Agriculture (including 1000t of low pesticide wheat), and now have 15ha blueberries on site with their own BRC level packhouse.