Chris Chavasse

Chris Chavasse is co-founder and CTO of Muddy Machines, a company that specialises in designing and manufacturing lightweight, electric, all-terrain robots for crop harvesting. Chris is ex-Dyson and ex-Deliveroo, with a background in electronic engineering from The University of Warwick. He has extensive experience in developing robotics for various applications, including autonomous drones, robot vacuum cleaners, autonomous kitchens, and robots for search and rescue.

In 2020, in response to the growing shortage of harvest labour caused by Brexit and Covid, Chris co-founded Muddy Machines to help alleviate the pressure that farmers were facing. He worked closely with farmers to understand their needs and developed an electric robot platform called Sprout and an initial tool which can replicate humans in harvesting green asparagus. The company is now expanding its capabilities to harvest other crops.

Muddy Machines has emerged as a leader in the agricultural robotics space, driven by a commitment to sustainability and innovation.