Alex Black

Alex is business reporter at Farmers Guardian covering areas including commodity prices, imports and exports, property and land across all agricultural sectors.

In 2014, she graduated with a first class Journalism degree from the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.

After graduating, she worked for a marketing and PR firm as communications officer before joining Farmers Guardian in June 2016.

When she's not studying lists of milk prices, Alex is usually found watching Bolton Wanderers or spending time with her cats.

Scott Davies

For more than 20years Scott has specialised in delivering online and mobile technology solutions, focusing on e-commerce, social engagement and entertainment as well as specialised industry offerings. Initially being involved in a large ‘sports dot com’, Scott went on to part-found and exit two online technology businesses.
Scott continued his passion for working in dynamic online based businesses, finding Norwegian based '' eventually taking the position as the groups CEO, running international operations out of a new UK office, expanding’s reach internationally.
Having found his next exciting venture, Scott now heads up Agrecalc Limited, the industry-leading farm carbon calculator. As a spin out from SRUC, Agrecalc provides farms and key players in the wider food-chain with a precise software tool to monitor farm resource efficiencies and drive GHG emissions.

Rebecca Geraghty

Rebecca Geraghty is the Chief Commercial Officer at Agrimetrics where she oversees product strategy, sales and business development. Agrimetrics is a UK public and commercially funded organisation, founded to accelerate new innovations from agri-food and environmental data. Agrimetrics has developed the food and farming sector’s Data Marketplace which is growing rapidly to host and link over 4,500 agricultural and environmental datasets. Rebecca has over twenty years' experience in the sector; including as AHDB’s Chief Technical Officer and six years as Director of HGCA. She has experience of working across all UK agri-food supply chains and with a large variety of individual businesses including farmers, merchants, processors, exporters and trade associations. Rebecca lives on a beef farm in Warwickshire.

Chris Chavasse

Chris Chavasse is co-founder and CTO of Muddy Machines, a company that specialises in designing and manufacturing lightweight, electric, all-terrain robots for crop harvesting. Chris is ex-Dyson and ex-Deliveroo, with a background in electronic engineering from The University of Warwick. He has extensive experience in developing robotics for various applications, including autonomous drones, robot vacuum cleaners, autonomous kitchens, and robots for search and rescue.

In 2020, in response to the growing shortage of harvest labour caused by Brexit and Covid, Chris co-founded Muddy Machines to help alleviate the pressure that farmers were facing. He worked closely with farmers to understand their needs and developed an electric robot platform called Sprout and an initial tool which can replicate humans in harvesting green asparagus. The company is now expanding its capabilities to harvest other crops.

Muddy Machines has emerged as a leader in the agricultural robotics space, driven by a commitment to sustainability and innovation.