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Dr Jude Capper

The winner of this year’s Farmers Guardian Farming Hero award is Dr Jude Capper, a leading independent Livestock Sustainability Consultant.

Passionate about the role of animal agriculture in sustainable food production, her current research and knowledge exchange work communicates the global importance of livestock production, while also improving the understanding and knowledge of stakeholders within food production from farmers and retailers to policy-makers and consumers.

Dr Capper also launched a successful social media campaign earlier this year to promote the role of UK dairy farmers and dairy products following a growing backlash from animal activists who present misleading messages to the public.

#Februdairy galvanised British dairy farmers and others within the industry to share their positive and sustainable farming practices with the wider general public to dispel the negative food production myths hitting headlines.

On receiving her award, Dr Capper said: “I am so excited, humbled and overwhelmed to be receiving this award.

I would like to accept it on behalf of all the wonderful farmers, industry professionals and supporters who help promote our fabulous industry every single day.

“It is an absolute pleasure to share our values and explain what we do to the rest of the world. I hope this award will keep pushing us all to do more to tell the amazing story of British agriculture.”