Ian Norbury

Dairy Farm, G. and P.M. Norbury, Cheshire

For Ian Norbury cow numbers have expanded quickly, from calving 70 cows in 2018, to 120 in 2019.

And this rapid upscale in numbers has only been achieved through strict management of the land to allow it to hold a larger number of cattle.

The 89ha (220 acre) farm run by Ian is all down to grass, and investment has been made into permanent fencing so that a rotational grazing system can be fully utilised.

And with a target of calving down 150 cows by 2021 he is always looking at ways to ensure he is taking his business forward in the best possible way.

The spring calving suckler cows are regularly moved onto fresh grazing to ensure youngstock are achieving a high daily liveweight gain, which helps Ian finish the cattle sooner on grass in the late summer/early autumn before housing is required.


EID is used so that weight gains can be easily tracked, and also to aid decision making when cattle are drawn out to be sold to ABP. Feacel egg counts are taken regularly to ensure worming is done when it is necessary and cattle are blood tested for mineral status.

All cows are blood tested before calving, and colostrum is tested in a bid to keep mortality rates at less than 3 per cent. This has also been helped by the introduction of calving cameras and calving sensors.

Four years ago some pedigree Angus cattle were bought, and this has allowed Mr Norbury to build up a pedigree herd, which has added another string to the business.

Non-agricultural business ideas also contribute to the farming business with space let out to a small brewery shop, and catering companies.