Henry Robinson

Christie House Farm, R.P Worth and Son, Lincolnshire

Progression is constant for Henry Robinson, who works on a 1,000-acre arable on the region’s fens near Holbeach.

Undertaking all harvesting operations, Henry strives to deliver a clean, high quality wheat sample and clean potatoes with a low brusising score, a figure he says rarely climbs above 20.

Henry, who did not attend university but steadily worked himself through promotion, also overseas the ploughing across 800 acres along with spraying and engineering duties. Keen to learn new technologies, he is actively involved with discussions both in and outside of the farmgate and ensures such technologiles are set to their optimum operating levels.

“There is no task on farm I won’t attempt and try to achieve to my highest ability,” says Henry.

“I take pride in my work and our farm owner would rather we took our time to achieve the best rather than rush and achieve the average, a mentality the whole team wholeheartedly agrees with.”

His observations and feedback have contributed to various on farm investments including improved security after a spate of local farm thefts, updated equipment to allow faster repairs and better fabrication, and conservation, groundwork and environmental work.

Competent in a wide of range of skills, Henry has turned his hand to fencing, bricklaying, welding and building and helped the farm reduce costs and avoid the use of external contractors.

He has recently taken a lead role in the clearance and replanting of woodland to maximise wildlife habitat and improve biosecurity and very much adopts a hands on approach in whatever task he is given.

The judges said about Henry: the enthusiasm Henry showed for the industry shone through.  He loves a challenge, is generous with this time and cares about the people he works with.  A great ambassador for professionality with a diverse skill set, and was always inspiring new blood to enter agriculture.

On winning, Henry said: “I feel very proud if not shocked to have won. It is a brilliant way of showcasing what agriculture is about. There is no industry like it and we have such a unique community. We stick together and support each and there are no greater farmers than those of the UK. “