Hear from the judges: how can entering help you?

With just a few days to go until entries close we spoke to the judging panels to get their thoughts on why entering these prestigious, nationally recognized awards will help you and your business thrive!

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Agricultural Student of the Year – sponsored by Kubota

Awards are earned, and to receive an award means that a company or individual has done something special ahead of others to earn this accolade. Industry in general rewards achievers and companies also like to work with ‘award winners’ as long as the award has the standing in the industry

The Awards allow you to stand back and evaluate the business and your contributions to it.  It focuses your mind on why elements are successful and also on the parts that need improvement.  The successes motivate everyone enormously, which in-turn drives you on to make progress on the areas that need to get better.

Entering the awards can allow for opportunities by socialising with like minded people. Our business has grown through social media since the awards. As a person winning the awards gave me a confidence boost that I was doing the right thing.

Arable Innovator of the Year – sponsored by Spaldings

 Entry provides a chance for you to do your own business review, but also the opportunity to have a “free” peer review by other agricultural business people.

The awards will help a business grow through the recognition gained and will spur an individual to go further and achieve more.

This is an opportunity to raise the profile of activity that is potentially/going to have an important impact on farming decisions and which might even help enable policy-facing changes as well as economically/ sustainable changes for farmers/growers

Beef Innovator of the Year – sponsored by ABP Food Group

Awards are not only a great way of showcasing individual businesses to the wider industry but the process of actually writing down, recognising and appreciating your own achievements and developments is great for confidence and self-analysing your own business model and benchmarking against other leading businesses. The process of applying is also a great way of recognising the efforts of those involved within the business which in itself can be hugely motivating.

Contractor Innovator of the Year – sponsored by Kuhn

It gets your business out there as to the type of work you do; it makes people aware of your services and how progressive and innovative you are in the industry.

Entering the awards has raised awareness of our unique business, I have worked hard at keeping the momentum up via social media, Being asked to judge this years competition is also a great contribution to the awareness process. Our business was growing rapidly due to several factors and the award has certainly not harmed this process. It has given me more confidence to look at what we have achieved and to maybe start to take some credit for identifying a niche in the market place.

Communication is a core skill in any walk of life.  Entering these awards requires that you have an interest in communication.  This, in turn should offer rewards in business and as an individual.

Dairy Innovator of the Year – sponsored by Dairymaster

It gives the individual more confidence as they are recognised within the industry as being good at what they do. For me it gave me more confidence to take bigger and bolder decisions. This then in turn helps grow the business.

It’s that learning process again, challenging your own ideas, making you justify your actions and exposing you to others with similar or even completely different outlooks helps you to develop as a person and as a farmer.

Winning an award can help propel you and your business to a new level by getting you noticed. It can also give you the confidence that people have faith in you. It shows recognition for effort and endeavour you/your team have put in to achieve your outcomes. Many doors can open from being part of this event.

Digital Innovator of the Year

 Entering an award provides the opportunity for recognition that you’ve done a good job – something that helps give your business positive profile, helps employee morale, and gives customers confidence. As an individual, entering an award can put you in contact with other innovative people and businesses.

 As a nation I don’t think us ‘Brits’ celebrate in, or share in our successes enough. We work enormously hard doing what we do, and often doing realise the impact and power of some of the work we are involved in. By entering the awards it’s a great opportunity to share, celebrate, and connect with others. As a business there are opportunities to get some well deserved recognition, whilst as an individual opportunities to grow and network with like-minded farmers.

Diversification Innovator of the Year (small to medium)

The process of entering the awards often creates a focus on just what you have achieved and often provides some thoughts on the future journey of the business. Being short listed and potentially winning bring good recognition and support for your business

The first step when considering entering the awards is to look closely at the criteria to be met and decide whether as an individual or a business they are already meeting the necessary requirements for entry.  Next, consideration has to be given as to what additional qualities and services can make that person or business stand out.  Analysing the criteria can help with future benchmarking and personal and business growth.

Entering the awards can provide exposure through the social media channels and in the Farmers Gaurdian publication, for our business the exposure allowed more people to discover our business, driving forward sales and helping our business grow. 

Diversification Innovator of the Year (large)

Entering the British Farming Awards is a great accolade and a great opportunity to showcase what your hard work has achieved. The opportunities that come your way from being part of the awards are priceless, whether that’s networking at the awards night and sharing new ideas or getting your company profile shared on social media, it’s these opportunities that will help you and your business grow.

Entering the awards was one of the best decisions I ever made. Winning has certainly helped the business grow, our customers see the award as a mark of quality and authenticity. It also has helped boost our team. They work extremely hard and recognition like this is something they feel very proud to be part of. As an individual it certainly makes all the hard work worthwhile for me, coming from generations of famers, farming is well and truly in my blood and winning this award was most definitely the proudest moment of my life.

Farm Worker of the Year – Sponsored by Isuzu UK

Besides the recognition and validation of what you are doing, an award can give you confidence to reach greater heights, motivate you to overcome your challenges and spur you on. For a business winning an award it can attract positive attention, help attract and retain staff, for an individual it can bring new business, or awareness.

Entering the awards will help an individual to look at themselves and see how they can improve their knowledge and skill set which in turn will help them throughout their career.

Family Farm of the Year – sponsored by Morrisons

We think winning this award, helped our business, helped our morale, and helped our confidence and gave us great pride as a family unit.

Entering awards competitions can only be good for your business. The challenge of justifying and proving the things you are doing at farm level leads to greater analysis of your business and makes you question what you can or could be better at. It also creates an opportunity to network with like minded ambitious people to share and challenge ideas with.

Entering awards puts you or your business on a platform. It gives a rare opportunity to shout about your successes and your future plans.

Machinery and Farm Technology of the Year – sponsored by ArmaTrac

Entering the awards allows the business to grow as there is a lot of publicity after the awards allowing people from various areas to find out about the products which a business has on offer. The award gives us ourselves the confidence in our product to push for more sales and gives the customer the confidence in the product as it has won a British Farming Award. As individuals we never thought we would win, and the response has been phenomenal with reaching more sales than we thought possible.

Awards encourage entrants to focus on the benefits they can provide to food production.

Awards help to recognise the hard work and dedication of people, with a boost to morale and motivation. These prestigious awards really highlight the enthusiasm of so many people and have become a showcase to recognise these great achievements.

New Entrant Award: Against the odds – sponsored by Massey Ferguson

Successful farmers like a challenge.  So entering a competition like the British farming Awards is a natural environment for such folk.  The competition process forces entrants to think through the why, what and how of their businesses.  It is also an opportunity to share ideas and learn from other participants.  Everyone wins from such awards.

Having an ‘edge’ in business is often the pre cursor to continued success. Raising the profile of individual’s  and business’s that lead by participating in awards is a sure way of achieving an ‘edge.’

Sheep Innovator of the Year

Entering the awards raises your profile and gets you talking to more like minded people, who you can always learn something from. Promoting and championing farming ,to the wider public, in general is so important it get our message across that Uk farming is the most sustainable in the world.

Awards give recognition to the efforts of individuals and their businesses. Winning (or being shortlisted) acts as a third party endorsement for products and services which can be used to attract new customers. It also reinforces the loyalty of existing customers and may be attractive to investors. They’re therefore really valuable.