Meirion Jones & Iwan Poulton


FOR Meirion Jones, the future of his 283-hectare (700-acre) hill farm depended on bringing through the next generation but his own children were following different career paths.

So Meirion turned to Iwan Poulton, who had completed work experience on the farm when he was 14 and had stayed in touch with Meirion and wife Ann ever since.

With Iwan, 26, having grown up on a 40ha (100-acre) farm as one of four brothers and with limited options there, he struck up a formal joint farming arrangement with the Jones family at the start of last year.

Meirion says: “Iwan has always been an enthusiastic lad to have on the farm and has a tremendous work ethic.”

What the judges said: “This farming partnership shows innovative thinking and how a pro-active approach can safeguard a farm business and bring on the next generation. Both parties are clearly rewarded thanks to their vision towards the future.”

On winning:  For Meirion Jones partnerships are about the older generation wanting to pass things onto the younger generation.

“It’s not that easy to get started to in farming. I think it’s important to give the younger generation a chance. We are a bit shocked to win, I didn’t think we were up in that league.”