Sponsored by: National Farm Research Unit

Jonathan Fell

The Ice Cream Farm, Cheshire

FOR the past 30 years, The Ice Cream Farm’s popularity has soared.

With more than 50,000 followers on Facebook and a solid following on Twitter and Instagram, the company has relaunched its website.

Content is tailored for days out and individual characters have been created to be the face of competitions and fun facts.

The site takes visitors on a journey, much like the experience of visiting the farm. Using bright colours, it is brimming with modern concepts and reflects the theme park-like atmosphere the farm is known for.

What the judges said: “The digital innovation is there for everyone to see no matter what platform you visit. There is a clear vision, consistency of brand and they absolutely know who their audience are and use the right tools to enhance that relationship.”

On winning:  Jonathan Fell said it felt great to have won. “We have got to a stage now where everybody has got to be aware of the digital world. I think it’s about thinking outside the box to promote what farming does and how to reach further afield.”