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Robert Sims

Hollybank Farm, F.R. & V.A. Sims, Cheshire

ROBERT Sims has a conviction to grow and utilize grass to the best of his ability and do everything he can to ensure his business is run in an environmentally sustainable way.

The system revolves around his spring-calving herd, which starts grazing at the beginning of February and goes through to November, with some cows out-wintered on lighter land.

This approach, whereby cows do all the work when others employ gas-guzzling machinery, is at the heart of his carbon accountability and helps make him one of the top ‘low carbon’ producers in his Co-op supply group.

It is his passion for grassland which is key to his success at the 93-hectare (230-acre) tenanted unit.

What the judges said: “Robert is single-mindedly driving a sustainable and profitable business taking advantage of the farm’s natural resources through an approach others can really follow.”

On winning: Robert Sims said: “I feel really humbled to have won. We simply do what we think Is best on the farm and we are just pleased the judges think it is worthy of the award.”

“It is trying times at the moment and it’s good to have a goal and to be master of your own destiny, which is what we have done.”