Celebrity farming duo Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper said they were ‘surprised and honoured’ to have ‘picked up a gong’ at the British Farming Awards. 

The pair were shown driving a Lamborghini to UK agriculture’s premier awards event in series two of the hit Amazon Prime Video show Clarkson’s Farm.  

Cooper then asks Clarkson to drop him off on the red carpet before telling him to ‘go and park the car’.  

Beaming as he recalled the events bash in Birmingham, Cooper told journalists ahead of the series airing: “The British Farming Awards was an amazing day. We won an award for Flying the Flag for British Agriculture.

“I went and got my hair done especially because it’s an important thing. Of course, you’ve got
to have your hair done before you go to the British Farming Awards. I had this new style of
hair, actually. I had tramlines put into the side of my hair.” 

Asked how their fellow farmers reacted to them attending the event, Cooper said he was met with an influx of selfie requests.  

I got out on the red carpet, everyone followed me in, and then Jeremy trailed in afterwards like my chauffeur,” he said.  

“It was all farmers, so we just started talking farming. I love talking farming. I mean, to be sat with all those farmers was amazing.”

The 24-year-old, who admits he has barely left his hometown of Chipping Norton in rural Oxfordshire, said he hoped one day to be able to buy his own farm and money from the show would help him do that one day.