Carl Martins

Morions Contract Herdcare, Leicestershire

With past experience managing a number of dairy herds, Carl Martins and his wife Natalie decided to launch a relief milking service with a difference.

Providing farmers with much needed rest during holidays, sickness or to provide relief work, Mornios Hercare is actively trying to improve the work-life balance in what can often be a quiet and secluded job.

Unlike other relief milking services, Mornios refers to itself as a herdcare provider, who will look after all duties on the farm, and hopes to maintain if not improve herd health.

Together the couple cover work from the tip of Cornwall to the heights of Scotland, and have visited more than 100 farms in the past five years, with units ranging from one-man-band farmers running abreast parlours, to working on larger herds with herringbone and rotary units.

While Carl admits there is a lot to give relief milkers a bad name, he tries specifically to think and act as the farmer would do themselves.


Along with managing the day to day duties of the farm, milking and carrying out any required livestock work, he hopes to add additional services to his business such as a hoof trimming crush for use during his time on the farm.

With the pair constantly looking at training and new qualifications, administration and booking keeping work is also possible while on the farm.

As the business prides itself on service, growing the business with additional staff is difficult, believing they do not always have the same commitment and passion without their name above the door.

However, for repeat business Carl says he has a number of trustworthy relief milkers he can call upon.