Grassland is this country’s biggest crop and carbon store making it a powerful tool in UK farming’s future. As a leading grass and forage seed specialist centred on research and innovation, Germinal is delighted to continue our sponsorship of this award celebrating progressive grassland farmers achieving their production goals sustainably.

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This award recognises a farmer who is pushing the boundaries with grassland management and whose knowledge and application can demonstrate leading yields and quality nutritional values, alongside sustainable practises.

Open to all sectors, farmers will be developing innovative grazing systems, and maximising grass growth and/or nutritional potential whether that be through reseeding, mowing, achieving good soil health or and regular monitoring.

Entry criteria:

  • Must own or manage a farming enterprise in the UK
  • Size or scale of the farm is not important
  • You will be able to identify challenges within your business and how you have overcome them
  • Able to demonstrate sustainable farming practices

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2023 winners

Chris and Bella Mossman

Nant y bach Farm,
Mossman Farming,

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John Fare

Lower House Farm,
Fare Farms,

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Previous Winners

Andrew Brewer

Ennis Barton,

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Andrew and Kirstie Baird

J P Baird,
Auchnotroch Farm,
South Lanarkshire

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