Goodyear Farm Tires

Goodyear Farm Tires is one of Europe’s leading brands of tyres for agricultural machines.
With a heritage and expertise dating back more than 120 years, Goodyear Farm Tires has been trusted for generations by the people at the very heart of farming.

We understand it’s never been more important to be at the forefront of the agriculture industry in terms of tyre innovation, reliability and performance. Our mission is to improve productivity and crop yield by providing farmers with a range of agricultural tyres that deliver class-leading performance, durability and value. The range includes 85, 70, 65 and XL series Tractor Drive Radials, as well as specific designs for sprayers, harvesters and industrial applications.

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At the heart of many farms lie the families behind them who, through generations, have developed the business to help secure its place in years to come.

As a family, you will be able to clearly demonstrate a shared vision of where the business is going and who is responsible for the different areas core to the farm. You will also be able to confidently identify short and long-term business challenges and work collectively to overcome them and develop new ideas and efficiencies. Succession planning will also be part of your future to help safeguard the family farm.

Entry criteria:

  • Multiple generations of the same family must be involved in the farm
  • You must be able to demonstrate succession planning to safeguard the future of the business
  • Able to demonstrate sustainable farming practices

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2023 winners

The Brown Family

Brunswood Farm,
Bluebell Dairy,

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The Pemberton Family

Birks Farm,
Pembertons Farm Shop and Dairies,

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Previous Winners

The Mee Family

Lyveden Farm,

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bfa shortlist

The Davis Family

Westcott Farm,
Rivermead Dairy Ltd,

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The Marshall Family

Marshall Farms and Farm Shop,

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The Dalton Family

Daltons Dairy,
Dalton Farms/Dairy,

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The Nicholson Family

Cannon Hall Farm,
South Yorkshire

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The Hodgson Family

I. M. Hodgson and Son,
Great Newsome Farm,
East Yorkshire

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The Dustow family

Colwith Farm,
C.S. Dustow and Son,

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The Ross Family

Lawns Farm,
A.E. Ross and Sons,
South Yorkshire

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The Kerr Family

W.W. Kerr & Sons,
South Corton Farm,
South Ayrshire

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The Webster Family

Taylors Farm Shop Ltd,
Taylors Farm,

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