Angelika Von Heimendahl

Camcattle, Cambridgeshire

It was while out walking her dogs on Midsummer Common in the middle of Cambridge that Angelika von Heimendahl saw an opportunity to re-introduce cattle to the area.

Cattle had not been grazed here since the foot-and-mouth outbreak, and setting out to rectify this Angelika was granted grazing access to the common in 2007.

To begin with she bought eight Red Poll steers, which she grazed from April to November that year, selling meat to friends and neighbours during the autumn months.

Now she grazes between 60-90 Red Polls on Grantchester Meadow which belongs to Kings College, and several other nature reserve around the area. Meat is sold at seven Farmers Markets a month under the CamCattle brand, and via a local butcher.

In order to ensure the whole carcase is utilised Angelika has also had to find outlets for less popular cuts, and meat now goes into pies and is turned into biltong.

Cattle graze from April to November and are wintered inside on ‘bed and breakfast’ arrangements with two local farmers.


Angelika says she has worked hard to communicate with the public in Cambridge, to change their attitudes to seeing the cattle grazing in Cambridge and says reaction has been positive with locals wanting to know more about where their food comes from.

While farming so close to the public undoubtedly has its challenges Angelika says she enjoys the unique situation, with cattle grazing in the centre of a busy town, and customers can then purchase meat from the market and butcher nearby.

Angelika has also recently joined the Pasture for Life organisation, and cows will be fed solely grass silage over the winter months.

She hopes continued improvements to people’s knowledge of food and cooking, with reflect positively in sales of her meat and says she is working hard to raise the profile of CamCattle through social media.