Adam Palmer

Breckenholme Trading Company, North Breckenholme Farm, North Yorkshire

With the growing popularity of rapeseed oil, Adam took advantage of the opportunity to control the route to market and add value to the crop he already grew.

Adam took over the farm aged 19, following the sudden death of his grandfather. The farm had always grown rapeseed as part of the rotation, but Adam realised the value of the crop as culinary oil.

In 2007, Breckenholme Trading Company (BTC) was launched. The farm has two consumer brands Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil and Charlie and Ivy’s, named after Adam’s children. The oil is used in Michelin-starred kitchens and forms the base for his flavoured oils, dressings and Yorkshire mayonnaise.

BTC presses oilseed rape, grown in the Yorkshire area and markets the oil through its brands. Now, in its tenth year, he presses 10 times the amount of seed as when he started. He works alongside other artisan producers and, where possible, uses local ingredients.

New creations

Their latest product is a Fava Hummus, which Adam believes is a first to the market, made from British grown field beans and his rapeseed oil.
The business also buys a lot of the rapeseed grown by his neighbours and he also does not waste any product and sells into the cattle feed market.

Adam was very ambitious for the future and his hope was whenever somebody buys rapeseed oil, it was from BTC. He has also been invited to work with seed breeders to trial growing and crushing new and exciting varieties of rapeseed.

And, inspired by his own young family, he would like to be involved with schools and educational outlets to help children become more aware of where food comes from and the processes it goes through and help promote healthy lifestyles.